Friday, March 15, 2013

Portrait gadgets and feeding

Portrait of the artist as a young woman.

Every time I read about a new gadget I find myself longing to try it out.   At last I can relax.   News of Google's web goggles leave me lukewarm. I like to get away from the web from time to time. The idea of a minute screen flickering above my right eye sounds horribly intrusive. Then again imagine one of those clever clogs  who always throws facts at you churning them out as he scrolls the web while looking you in the eye, with his unoccupied eye.

The entrance to The Grove called Belview, I now call bird corner. Apart from the holly tree where sparrows constantly party. There are two bird feeders suspended from a tree. As you approach pigeons, blackbirds, starlings join the throng. And of course the sparrows who live next door to a fast food joint.

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