Friday, March 29, 2013

Sparrows, snowdrops and chitting potatoes

Hang out for sparrows.

The grass  in The Grove is littered with the the drooping leaves  of snowdrops. At first you think of vandals and then realise that these are snowdrops planted "in the green". In my experience the best way of planting snowdrops to ensure a good crops next year. Planting the bulbs while they still have this year's leaves attached stops the bulbs drying out. And as my friend at the Farmers' Market tells me snowdrop bulbs dry out very easily.

Good Friday. All the shops are open. I am sure this wasn't the case when I was young. The wind is ice laden and the soil is as cold. I shan't be planting my potatoes as you are traditionally supposed to on Easter Monday. I have left them to chit and scarcely a sprout shows.

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