Thursday, March 14, 2013

Springing, materials and submission

Anticipating Spring. Doodle after lunch in the sun.

Intrigued by news of a library of man made materials which is just about to open in University College London. According to New Scientist it has at present around 1500 materials which have been gathered with such characteristics as feel, taste and smell in mind, which they call  "sensoaesthetic" properties. Among highlights is silica aerogel, also known as blue smoke. It appears fuzzy owing to the way it scatters shorter wave lengths of light. Apparently NASA used its network of tiny pores to collect comet dust.

I am waiting to cross a small side road into the High Street when a giant Council vehicle back in front of me. Its warning alarm honking and its rear lights flashing. "I'm not arguing with that," says a fellow pedestrian.


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