Sunday, June 02, 2013

Blue, pretending and thermos

A lot of gardeners dig these up before they have has a chance to flower. Or seed themselves. I invariably encourage a few plants. And aren't they rewarding, forget-me-nots?

A mother-in-law from hell. My cousin  over lunch describes a strange French woman who apart from refusing to speak to members of her family for years on end, gave her daughter the following advice: "If you are in a restaurant with your husband you should each take it in turn look at each other and count slowly to 10". Why? "People will think that you are talking to one another".

A shiny broad based thermos flask in which to bring  nourishing soup to my other half when she is ready for it, which by all accounts will be in the next day or so.


Ellena said...

Oh no, you are taking me back many many years. Mom never talked about girl/boy things, but this one time sitting in a posh cafe in Germany she made my eyes follow hers when saying "Look at this couple. They must have been together many years. They have nothing to talk about." To this day I'm puzzled that she would make such a remark to me.(No idea why a had to say 'posh'. I guess I miss this kind of cafe you know the ones with lots of velvet covered seats.)

Tom said...

We never take time to uproot all the forget-me-nots in our garden. They find places everywhere to live, even where the ground is extremely unforgiving. I must find a place they can call their own.

We went out to one of our favourite restaurants last night, at Erquy. I think it was less than half full (not certain as I sat facing the sea) but the level of chat indicated that people were most certainly talking to each other. Lu and I didn't stop. Your French woman, so free with her advice, was indeed strange.

But now to the best part, the shiny broad based thermos flask...... Still keeping our fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery. Bless you both!