Friday, June 28, 2013

In clover,an eight-year blog and theraputic rain

Clover. Among the flowers and leaves we take for granted.

Eight years ago in June 2005 almost to the day, I gave in to a whim. The idea of writing  a blog  on a regular daily basis had appealed because for some time,  I had been used to responding to deadlines, which had gradually dropped off. Gradual retirement had dulled the edge of urgency in my life. A blog every day might restore it. But  from what angle? From what starting point? I didn't want a daily beef. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells was too easy, so much  there was  to be disgusted about. It would have been dull, stale and unprofitable.  Three Beautiful Things Clare Grant's seminal blog (still flourishing ) provided the answer. What a lovely  idea!  To note every day three inspiring, amusing or curious events or objects was the perfect model. It has proved both a therapy and simple pleasure. A source of friendship too. Above all it has made me sensitive to  the world around me,  to the place where I am lucky enough to live and  to the people who inhabit it. Sometimes I think that I should look back to trace the rich and varied  pattern  of a life obscure and insignificant,  made up of innumerable small things, but  taken  together  become  I hope enlightening, a history composed of chance moments.

A walk in the vegetable garden this morning. No chores apart from watering a few plants in the greenhouse. Outside the soft rain was warm and gentle, falling with a sort of kindness as only rain in this damp country can fall when it is needed in a green summer. You could feel the herbs growing in the herb bed responding to the water and the temperature. The scent of oils and resins suspended in the air.  Back indoors I realised that my clothes were not really wet, the skin on my face and bare arms was moist as though subjected to a rare and expensive therapy.


Tom said...

Beefs do tend to be inhibiting and divisive do they not; and I am guilty of that! Sharing your experiences of the good things is cohesive, and that you have done so well during the time I have been reading your material. Thanks for all that.

CC said...

Whew!! For a moment there I thought you might be announcing your retirement from blogging.
Very relieved I was mistaken. Especially during these last 8 or so difficult months, your inciteful, colorful often amusing observations and commentary have been so welcome. Taking me and my tired mind out for quick refreshment.
Hoping you'll keep on keeing on, Joe. Many thanks.

Roderick Robinson said...

I started writing a response to your second para but decided, even by my standards, it was just a little too ego-centric. It is now to be seen, in modified form, as my most recent post. I hope you agree it's the thought that counts.

marja-leena said...

Is it eight years already? Congratulations on keeping up the notes on three good things of each of your days. What a pleasure it has been to read it and get to know you and your dearest through this connection! Wishing many more years of pleasures shared!