Saturday, June 29, 2013

Digitalis, notebook and gymnastics.

Behind like other flowers foxgloves are only now at their best.

My notebook is full and ready to give way to a new one. I see that it is dated June 7 2012.  That is the only date. It is in no sense a diary. Yet it contains the fleeting impressions of a year in my life. Most  of the notes are illegible although I have tried hard to write neatly and coherently.

At the end of the checkout a vigorous woman offers to help me pack my few purchases. She is after a donation to her charity which is evident in the shape of a plastic drum with a slot in the top. The charity? Tunbridge Wells Gymnastics Club. I am entirely truthful when I say that I like to pack my own shopping.


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Joyce loves the picture. The surroundings are kind of multitudinous with the sharpness of the fox glove standing out.