Saturday, June 01, 2013

Glory, here comes the sun, and kindness

Flash back a few weeks. Geoff left me these morning glory seedlings at The Compasses.  I transplanted them to individual  pots and, and they are now, already beginning to sprout tendrils, ready for planting out for the the summer ahead , when we  will take pleasure in catching the  newly opened bright blue flowers every morning. Last year the scaffolding erected to paint the house rather spoilt their impact. This year we must hope to give them a more friendly welcome.

A neighbour tells me that he had tickets for the England v New Zealand  One Day International match at Lords Cricket Ground yesterday. When he arrived the sky was overcast and seemed to be threatening rain. Later the sun came out, and the crowd applauded as though someone had hit a six. Sad to say England lost the match.

As we were out first time round, a parcel was redelivered to day. " I even came round to the pub to see if you were there," says the postman. Such kindness. But what a reputation we must have.


Tom said...

I have never been able to grow 'Morning Glory'; the locations have never been warm enough. I think I tend to go along with Geoff Boycott on the matter of cricket. He said that the one-dayers don't matter, its the forthcoming test series against Australia that matters.

What a great postman!

Unknown said...

With morning glory you do need warmth to start them off. After that if planted out about now there is no problem. What always surprises me is the similarity with bind weed - blue rather than white bnut a lot less persistent and intrusive.

For me three day county matches and five day tests on the one hand village cricket which I love when I get the chance to see it on the other are what counts. One day matches and the like have no fascination. The dress alone isn't cricket! What?

Ellena said...

Aha, that's what it is with 'Morning Glory'. I made a note for February next to start it(them ?) in the house. Will move it out to the patio on warm days and plant it near the fence in June. I always wondered why I managed to grow them in Montreal but not up here where it is 5 degrees colder.