Friday, June 21, 2013

Speedwell, appetites and careless

Prompted by the pretty blue speedwell I recall the time when  some London telephone numbers were prefixed by the names of wild flowers. Primrose for example for the St Johns Wood area. The first telephone number I knew by heart was my grandmother's, Speedwell 8124.  That was in the days when numbers resided in our memories rather than in the memories of electronic devices.

In the supermarket a man with an angry moustache and  big appetites loads bags with bottles.

A  slight woman in her middle years in a worn straw hat floats down Mount Pleasant popping toffees into her mouth. She walks without a  care in her head, her eyes raised and her arms swinging.


Tom said...

I love the juxtaposition of 'a man with an angry moustache' (wonderful phrase) and the woman 'without a care in her head'.

The Crow said...

My imagination is running wild with images of moustaches, angry ones. What great imagery you've created, Joe.

Lucas said...

The old telephone numbers continue to fascinate. I remember once being addressed by the operator as "Regent" when I was attempting to reverse the charges from a West End telephone box.
Very much enjoyed your latest short story. Wonder what others think

Unknown said...

The man with the angry moustache I realised later lives near us. He sits on a chair in his porch to smoke because he is forbidden by his lease to smoke in his house.