Monday, June 10, 2013

Chestnuts, wisteria and individuals

Candles alight  in the chestnut trees late this year after the cold spring.

A shoot of the wisteria, severely pruned last year to make way for the decorators, reaches towards the front door. "The wisteria's trying to get into your house," says Pam who is  a neighbour. "Rather nice."

Have you noticed how policemen (others refrain on the whole from the locution) refer to people as "individuals"? You can't call a person a criminal until he is found guilty of a crime, but you are free to call him an "individual", as in "I arrested  the individual who was behaving suspiciously and when approached attempted to abscond."

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Tom said...

Must confess I hadn't noticed that. I must also confess that these days I tend not to read stories of UK crime as the BBC and other media present a very abnormal view of life in the UK. I find that I can view the world a little more kindly, and a little less depressedly(?) as a result. Lord, there's enough bad stuff in the world without labouring it. Why don't they make more of the good stuff, like stories of people who have passed through the NHS and are continuing to do well? That's a real heart lifter.