Sunday, December 29, 2013

Babes, inconvenience and afflictions

Another (alas) not perfect reproduction of a much loved painting.

We have been treading water since Christmas, waiting for funeral arrangements. Dying is inconvenient during national holidays. We have had time to think and talk. Tomorrow decisions will I hope be made and  a funeral date set.

I am thinking up  the briefest way of answering the question, how are you? Other people's  afflictions are invariably  of greater interest than my own.



Tom said...

Joe, I won't ask how you are. No doubt you will find that words will be impossible to describe what you're going through at present. All I can do is imagine from experiences personal and what I have witnessed. That'll be bad enough. My thoughts are with you.

Lucy said...

I remember Heidi chuckling wickedly at that 'madonna' and her terrible little monsters.

Why must people ask that? I suppose it's a way of their expressing concern but it puts all the burden on you. I'm just so grateful you keep coming back here and maintaining this contact.

Oh dear you.

CC said...

Went through this last year for our beloved Mom.
I think people say what pops into mind, not always thinking.
Difficult in different ways.

My thoughts are with you as well.

marja-leena said...

Thinking of you too, Joe. Thank you for keeping in touch here.

Rouchswalwe said...

Please don't forget to eat something hearty at this heavy time, even though you don't have an appetite. Sending warm strengthening thoughts to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. Today we made big progress. A date. Someone to conduct the service. Some sort of format. I don't know why but sharing with friends such as you and of course Heidi's family and my own makes a lot of difference. Just hope it's not a bore. It's not all bad. We can still laugh as we press on.

Roderick Robinson said...

A badly wounded US marine was asked that after things had quietened down on Iwo Jima. "Surviving" was his response. Something to add to your range of options.