Monday, December 16, 2013

Garlic, escape, thermometer

The opposite time of year.  Wild garlic in The Grove. A happy discovery last Spring. From the archive.

Heidi is home but she would still be waiting to be discharged if it were not for the energy of my wonderful daughter. There was H waiting and ready to go but no medicine and no documentation. She was threatened with a depressing waiting room. Daughter goes to the rescue. Brings her home and helps her into the house. She is to go back to the hospital and collect the medicine and documents. But as yet neither is ready. So H would still be languishing in the waiting room rather than resting after a long day.

We have long needed a thermometer. The wonders of technology now provides us with a device which you switch on, press against the patient's forehead and read off the temperature on a screen. No more quick silver bulbs under the tongue or worse one which in Germany they stick up your bum. (Or used to.)


Roderick Robinson said...

This Continental obsession with bummish orifices. Daughter Professional Bleeder came up with a casual observation: the French believe that anything can be cured with a suppository. I tried one once - am I flirting with what's OK? - I forget for what reason. It didn't do anything for the ailment, simply added another. The GP I consulted in Narbonne wore a sort of uniform: white shirt and white trousers, some kind of quite harsh material. I felt it made him look as if he had hurried in from some other activity. A house painter, perhaps. However I was prepared to allow him as much leeway as he required after he complimented me on my French. "It's not a boil, Monsieur, it's a cyst." Implying seven out of ten for effort.

Ellena said...

Oh no, I'm happy to read that H is now in loving hands.
My GP is across from the parking lot here. Two weeks ago I needed to see him. It was his day off. I arrived at the hospital emergency at 13hrs, knitted an entire sock and left the emergency area at
21hrs with prescription in hand and the good advice not to wait that long before coming in. I now filed an 'in case' permanent prescription with the pharmacy.
Canada speaking.

Unknown said...

RR Something of Oscar Wilde about the Professional Bleeder's observation. The presence of the new thermometer is meanwhile reassuring.

At a time of dire need we have been fortunate indeed in out new GP. He came again to visit us today. His predecessor was charming but indifferent and visited not once ove a period 25 years.
Your experience at what we call A and E would I am afraid not be considered unusual over here.

Lucy said...

The mercury bulb of the thermometer I bought in our early days here was suspiciously small, not a bulb at all really, tapered in fact. We resolutely preserved our British inhibitions and stuck it in our mouths regardless. Apparently the ear will do too.

So glad to hear H is home, and that you have such fiercely energetic and practical support in your daughter. Our best to you all.