Monday, February 01, 2010

heat, smile, light

Posted by PicasaOutlets 3.
Someone walks towards me apparently smiling. Do I know her? Is she smiling at me? Or smiling to herself about something which she is remembering? Or is she smiling at someone coming up behind me? Or is she not smiling at all, her mouth pulled back, her eyes narrowed, instead, in reaction to the cold wind that snags at them? She turn into a side street. I shall never know.
I am sitting in my usual chair looking at the TV. The blind is as usual open to the night. There are lights from the upper floor of the house opposite, but nothing intrusive. In a matter, it seems, of seconds, I become aware of what seems to be a spotlight. I look up to the corner of the bay window and see, in the small area of sky between the roof of the house opposite and our window frame, that the moon has moved into place and is looking in on us with a cold stare.


The Crow said...

Great photo, Joe!

Unknown said...

Thank you, dear Crow. Your comment, encouraging as ever, arrived before I had finished posting.

The Crow said...

I was following the moon.


Am enjoying the photos of the vents and chimney pipes - good series. I live near snack food factories and the aromas coming out of their vents easily add 2 pounds every time I sniff the air. (That's my excuse, anyway.)

marja-leena said...

I love this series of man-made building 'ornaments', Joe. And your daily observations of people you pass on the street and shops often strike a chord of recognition in me.