Friday, February 05, 2010

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Vents and exits 6.
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Vents and exits 6

After snow and icy winds and grey rainy days, a splash of sunshine illuminates the minute, red buds of a maple in The Grove. Buds? You have to look twice, but they are buds.

Through the basement window of a house, which I pass every day, I note a scene of domestic untidiness which appeals to my worst nature. The truth is that I am fundamentally an untidy person but one who has reformed to the point that he often overdoes tidiness, knowing where untidiness can lead. Through the basement window I see stacks of papers, books, upended furniture, electronic gear. Not a square centimetre of floor space is free. Both a nightmare and a fantasy world. I have an old friend who lives like that. She is afraid to put anything away in a drawer or cupboard in case she forgets where it is, and wanders among her possessions, scattered but on view, like a lost child in fairyland, always in search of something.

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Lucas said...

It is interesting how several of the vents and exits have suffered some kind of minor damage, which marks them out as neglected, unloved yet still functional, still functioning and no doubt essential. I like this series.
verification word: pestinds!