Tuesday, February 16, 2010

drain, wash, jacket

Vents and exits 9 . The trickle.

In the health food shop is a bottle with the label, "Fruit and Vegetable Wash". There are many instances nowadays of fruit and vegetables, particularly exotics like avocado and aloe vera, employed in soaps and shampoos, that I am persuaded to ask its purpose. "It's for washing fruit and vegetables", says the health lady and reads the legend "Removes earth, soil and other contaminants." In a tone of voice modulated to avoid sarcasm I suggest that water might be a useful alternative. We have a good laugh.

A brown corduroy jacket, new at Christmas, appeals to me so much that I have taken to wearing it every day, even if I am forgetful enough when I am cooking. Now Heidi enforces its transport to the cleaners. She thinks that I have abandoned the now regulation sweater for something old fashioned and formal. But that isn't the attraction at all. The attraction is pockets. Jackets have pockets and I like pockets. I need pockets. Pockets to take care of camera, notebook, ball pen, pencil, spectacles, tissues, keys with screwdriver, spanner and penknife attachment to key ring. Women have handbags. Men have jackets.
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The Crow said...

I like jackets for the same reason. I don't like handbags.

I wear jeans because of all the pockets.

I lose/misplace handbags. All the time. It's hard to misplace my jeans when I'm wearing them.

I like the drain, all the mossy colors. Bet a toad lives in it in summer.

marja-leena said...

I like pockets too! I can't carry a handbag with me ALL the time especially while working.

Roderick Robinson said...

"In a tone modulated to avoid sarcasm" - one reason of many why I would not be welcome as a TW resident. I wish like hell I'd written it, however, and I shall certainly plagiarise it.

I maintain that pocketed clothes are a chimaera (a word in support of my campaign that spelling should be made more, not less, difficult). From time to time, and for differing reasons, clothes have to be changed and thus too the pocket contents. As a result it is odds-on you'll turn up at someone's funeral without your penknife and then where will you be? One alternative is to appear as an urban paramilitary and wear one of those khaki gilets which are in effect all pocket and which when over-stuffed resurrect thoughts of Mae West. The shoulder bag is inescapable and I am now pondering a definitive post on this subject.