Sunday, February 28, 2010

savings, dance, salad

Among the classifications into which this series of photographs is falling is literature.

In Sainsbury's this morning my trolley confronts the trolley of a lively, elderly woman who is coming towards me. There is that awkward to and fro movement, where both parties, eager to move out of the way, move in the same direction. We exchange lame smiles. "The dance of the trolleys," she says.

Today, a salad of Roquefort cheese, chicory and pear with a vinaigrette sauce sweetened with honey.
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Roderick Robinson said...

Plastic is said to be non-biodegradable but this bag is clearly starting to break up on the right-hand side. This stage was preceded by the fading and, in some areas, the wearing away of the colours. This is cheering. If this particular objet trouvé were in some comparatively inaccessible location you could return to it every month and chart its gradual departure from this world which would no doubt qualify as an example of conceptual art. Nature triumphing over man. Sounds a bit pi, though.

Unknown said...

I didn't approach this item too close, but I think it was the cover of some kind of catalogue. Apparently even the most persistent of plastic rubbish, such as that which collects in the Pacific and Atlantic under the influence of tides, is gradually degraded by sunlight, but there remain chemicals which fall to the ocean floors,where nobody has yet worked out what damage they do.

Lucy said...

Wot no walnuts?

Unknown said...

I'll try walnuts next time!