Monday, February 15, 2010

works, crisps, garlic

The brick pavements of Tunbridge Wells are often up for mysterious reasons known only to spades and wheelbarrows and the odd mallet.

In the Farmers ' Market, they sell packets of apple crisps. To produce these, apples are thinly sliced like potato crisps, but instead of being fried in oil, they are dried in special drums with wire shelves which allow hot air to circulate, until the the slices curl and turn golden brown. Nothing is added; only surplus water drawn off.

The idea of toasted goat cheese has always appealed. So has garlic slowly roasted so that you can squeeze the creamy contents out of the cloves. On the TV, I see the cook, Nigel Slater prepare slices of toast on which creamy garlic is spread. Slices of goat cheese are placed on top and grilled. I follow suite. The house has a sweet garlic smell, but the snack makes a worth while lunch today, even if the perfume still hangs about.
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Lucy said...

One of my students did that with pear slices as well as apple, they were very good. I have one of those driers on a small scale, but I fear it is highly consuming of energy.

Goat's cheese and honey on toast is good too.