Tuesday, December 07, 2010

barrow, silence, crows

Posted by Picasa Up ended wheel barrow  in skip. The temptation is to spin the wheel.

After the snow has gone and the roads are almost back to normal  I find  myself longing for the unaccustomed  silence. The murmur of engines and the clatter of feet are back again. Normal service is resumed.

In The Grove, Mr and Mrs Crow are back in charge. Profiled against the few remaining patches of snow, their black shapes, pecking here and pecking there, look, in the grey light, like silhouettes


marja-leena said...

Great shots in both photo and words. The silence, yes.

The Crow said...

Just happened to read this at Whiskey River, after reading your comment regarding the fleeting silence in your world:

Once you master quiet, what's there to do?
- Wang Wei

Unknown said...

M-l But do we ever experience silence, at least while we are alive? There is always the sound of someone breathing, or steam rising.

Thank you Crow. I think Wang Wei is right. Though I suspect that he may be referring to an inner silence and to the outer silence of a wise person who has learnt not to blather from morning till night.