Thursday, December 16, 2010

leaf, wonder child, crane

Posted by Picasa Today's leaf is encountered lying on a sheet of white plastic building material providing an almost perfect mount.

Outside a deli in Mount Street in London, we drink  coffee and eat madeleines - Ces gâteaux courts et dodus appellés Petites Madeleines. In the window directly above the fascia of a fashion shop opposite, a woman holds a baby- a real woman, a real baby.  The  name of the shop inscribed on the fascia is Wunderkind.  A Christmas composition by chance.

From the train I see in the cab of a tower crane high above the crane driver like an insect in a bubble of glass; he leans forward as though to do up his shoe lace, but more likely to adjust a lever.

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Lucy said...

You have to bite their knobs off, I always think... madeleines that is. I doubt Marcel would have agreed though.