Tuesday, December 28, 2010

exits, soft, Armageddon

Posted by Picasa Are vents like these the reason for global warming? What comes out? Or does something go in?

After the snow, ice and frozen ground, this morning, birds and squirrels peck and scratch at the soft soil in The Grove; it is  the first time  that worms and buried nuts have been accessible, for several weeks to beaks and paws.

|Armageddon may be an over used word but it comes to mind this morning as I walk across The Grove where the wrecks of yesterdays snowmen lie everywhere. It is not  just the thaw that has been at work. Haters of snowmen have laid waste the patient crowd of white and silent gentlemen.  Nothing is left of their solemn faces,  coal  eyes,  twig pipes and carrot noses.They have been broken up and reduced to giant, ragged snowballs rolled here and there and covered in leaves to melt away ashamed and forgotten.

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