Thursday, December 02, 2010

cat, recognition, tracks

Posted by Picasa Cat in an upstairs window. Has it a bird's eye view?

Once again the cold weather people go about the town, veiled by scarfs and hoods and upturned collars, so that  you ignore even your nearest neighbours because you do not recognise them.

The view from our bedroom window this morning is dazzling; there are great helmets of snow on pillars and shrubs, and for the time being, a pristine blanket of snow on the road, unmarked by vehicle tire or human foot. Only the track of the dog fox that Heidi saw last night, leads across the road to where it vanishes between the railings of the house opposite. "Just where I saw it go", she says.  On the telephone wire level with the top of our window, meanwhile, a blackbird settles and after contemplating the scene, flies off, leaving the wire, swinging up and down, like a plucked string.


CC said...

If not a bird's eye view, perhaps the view of a bird's eye?

Lovely winter post. We have cold, but so far
only a light dusting of snow on Thanksgiving. All gone almost as soon as it fell.

Roderick Robinson said...

As I posted some time ago, our miserable bit of lawn at the front was removed and replaced with a brick surface, surrounded by super-expensive railings. Even the postman must now walk round but there are other invaders. Yesterday I noticed a single track of paw prints in the snow which passed as close as possible to the two planters below our front window. At the corner of one planter was a collection of much smaller holes piercing the snow surface. A feline gesture, you might say.

The Crow said...

Cat on a suitcase - coming or going?