Sunday, December 12, 2010

Villiers St 2, keys, memory

Posted by PicasaLooking down on  Villiers Street: two heads and a bollard.

A man attending to his car has his car keys in him mouth like a dog hanging on to a stick.

 Though I now have her address, my memory being what it is, I can't remember the married name of an old friend who I have made contact with via email. All I can recall is that it is the name of a  minor 17th Century English poet. In desperation I repair to The Oxford Book of English Verse. There it is. Now I can address her properly on our Christmas card.


Roderick Robinson said...

Were you in fact practising Pelmanism? This system of - What was it? Mind control? - used to be advertised in an amateurishly styled ad, somewhere between display and classified, on the front pages of several national newspapers decades ago. The details have disappeared from my uncontrolled mind so it's clear I never was a Pelmanist. The message was optimistic, implying sunlit uplands, somewhat belied by the rather squalid design.

Unknown said...

Not Pelmanism I'm afraid. Perhaps evidence of a need for it. And it's not a new need. I seem to recall in busier times, turning up for a lunch appointment having forgotten with whom I meeting for lunch.

Lucy said...

Pelmanism now is mostly just that game where you have to turn over two cards with the same word, motif or whatever. If you fail, you have to turn them back again, but remember where you saw them. It's very good for teaching vocabulary.