Friday, May 17, 2013

bud, recognition and rosemary

A bud unfolds.

Reading a book by an old friend  can be  a strange experience. It is like seeing an actor  whom you know playing a part on the stage. You recognise familiar expressions, intonations, gestures in a new and unexpected context. Both the actor and the writer have to be good to make you forget them and leave you to concentrate on the matter in hand. I am glad to report that I constantly forget Robbie, the author of Blest Redeemer as I am pulled along by the narrative and  become involved with characters who are sharply alive and busy.  Now I remember him and  am collecting my thoughts about the novel  as though I am to  sit an exam on it.

Rosemary is a lovely herb with a powerful aroma which makes you think of Mediterranean hillsides. But at this time of year it has the added attraction of  masses of  small,blue flowers.  It is a special blue made  poignant by the contrast with its leaves. They are spiky, olive green on one side and pale grey on the other. A combination which only charms and never jars.


Roderick Robinson said...
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Roderick Robinson said...

Thought my comment had appeared twice. Deleted duplicate only to find it was merely a reflection of the original. So now both are gone, Moral: don't trust child-proof technology

Unknown said...

It has happened before. I have found like you that deleting one deletes both. Leaving the duo to themselves seems to allow nature to take its course and the surplus to eliminate itself. But don't ask me how. Sorry to have missed your earlier wisdom. Though doubtless I have the gist from out telephone conversation.