Saturday, May 18, 2013

Magnolia, bluebells and short back and sides

On the magnolia.

Nap Wood not far from Tunbridge Wells is owned by The National Trust. There is no where better to see bluebells at this time of year. English bluebells with the flowers hanging to one side. When you look at them among newly budded beech trees, oaks and ashes they seem like a haze of blue smoke, though individually the blue of each pretty bell seems to have a character of its own, the soft blue of summer sky. The wood is littered with fallen trees deliberately left you suspect to nurture wild life.

Out side The Compasses they have pollarded the two lime trees. A short back and sides, we used to call it. They remind me of newly recruited soldiers, their long hair shorn.


Anonymous said...

You have described it beautifully but still I hope to see a photo of the bluebells, both micro and macro, in the near future. And the lime tree too.

Unknown said...

Watch this space my camera is seeping blue light.