Thursday, May 30, 2013

mint, people and hospitals

Since I have taken to drinking fresh mint tea, I can't get enough of the perfumed leaves which I have at home in a big flower pot. It's a case of pot to pot, I suppose.

"I love people. I also hate people. I hate nasty, cruel right wing people." Sir John Richardson  about sums it  up in an interview in last Saturday's Financial Times.  He is in  his 90th year. Two volumes of his great  biography of Picasso have appeared so far. One is still to come.

With my dearest and dearest in hospital, I am trying to learn the jargon. HDU stands for high dependency unit. The good news is that she went straight to the general ward after the operation, by-passing HDU. I never liked hospitals but you can  only wonder and applaud how The National Health Service looks after streams of  patients day after. Without exception the nurses are kind and cheerful.


Tom said...

Thank Goodness, or Whatever! Hope the news continues to improve. Either way, we're still here.

Roderick Robinson said...

I wonder if you intended to say nearest and dearest? If so, the fallible keyboard brought about something quite different, a passionate evocation. If you intended "dearest and dearest" that's better still; you heard the difference beforehand.

I'm not entitled to advise you but if my former guess was accurate I hope you will let the accidentally arrived-at phrase remain. To me it is in no way defective, rather the opposite.

Ellena said...

Skipping HDU is always good news. Soon your very dearest will be out the door and back into your good hands.

marja-leena said...

Good news about your dearest dear, and wishes for a speedy recovery and homecoming!

Unknown said...

Cheers everyone. Saw her today in better shape than yesterday. She even rang me from the hospital on her mobile (now permitted) and that technological initiative is an achievement at the best of times.