Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jack Russell, gulls and health

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In the blue sky high above The High Street, two  seagulls circle.The sun highlights their white wings. Their  cries evoke the sea. High above the gulls a silver airliner  banks in the direction of Gatwick Airport.

In the health food shop a customers loads her bag with health giving food. She talks away as the bag gets fatter. Reluctant to stop talking she says, "Have a good weekend, if it is anywhere near the weekend. What day is it? Wednesday?  Have a nice midweek then".


Anonymous said...

Bon sang!

Roderick Robinson said...

For some time I used Hereford's health food shop for a special sort of industrial-grade muesli: very roughage. Two things I noted before I decided Tesco could meet my needs just as well: the incredibly pungent smell which must surely be a combination of many sources since it is impossible to identify, and the high percentage of oddness noticeable among the clientele and the staff. But then no doubt I've been seen as odd too during my patronage. As they say, some have oddness thrust upon them.

Unknown said...

I buy porridge from ours. It sells better porridge than Sainsbury's. Jumbo oats (the grain is bigger than usual) is particularly satisfactory. Easy walking distance is another factor. But the oddness of the clientel is far and away the greatest attraction. Pale people who survive on a diet of placebos, A race apart and one it seems from your discription not confined to Tunbridge Wells.