Monday, May 06, 2013

Anemonies, cat shooter, quiche

Wood anemones would be over by now in a normal Spring. When I was a child someone showed me bluebells through field glasses. All I could see were white flowers. Wood anemones. I was pointing the glasses in the wrong direction. I had to wait for the bluebells.

Cat lovers, please look away now. Read no further. A friend of a friend down from Newcastle is a raconteur. He keeps parrots. He doesn't like cats, "pussies" he calls them. " I shoot them," he says. A friend  of his can't find his cat. "Did you shoot my cat?" he says. "What colour is it?"  "Black and white." " No I didn't shoot a black and white cat."  But he is not believed. A new cat, pure white, is acquired. Six weeks later the black and white cat turns up. He's back, says the owner. Will you shoot him for me.

Quiche Loraine for lunch. Half a pint of double cream.  Short crust pastry. Three egg yolks and one whole egg. Strips of streaky bacon.  A few salad leaves. A light meal for four. A taste of Alsace.



Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Merde! J'aime bien des chats, moi!

Roderick Robinson said...

You'll forgive me if I don't get drawn into this (cats) or that (quiche). Quoting someone else I once included the phrase: "Hardly enough space to XXXXX X XXX." and was severely upbraided. As to quiches, they used to be a touchstone for manliness some years ago, and I'm not inclined to find out whether that fashion has died out or whether it's still extant.

On a cautious note, your comment box problem may have solved itself. Try leaving out your comment from your next post.

Lucas said...

I have recently had to go back to Internet Explorer, and am now in Google Chrome. I could not comment from Internet Explorer, can from Google Chrome. I like the wood anenome and Joyce does too.

Unknown said...

Robbie I have been trying to work out XXXXX X XXX with little more success than the French translation you set me or did I invite it. The last two words I can guess at, but the first one has either too many letters or too few, to match words I know.

Lucas Glad you liked the anemone. I sometimes wonder about boring pics of flowers and even more obscure pics of stains.