Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lichen, ambiguity and warmth

Texture. A notice placed on a black lamp post is removed leaving a residue of glue which grows mould or lichen. With the help of my camera a pleasing rectangle emerges for contemplation.

Through the door comes a flier which reads I am looking for a house share or studio apartment in this area from early July. Professional female and house trained cat. Perhaps I shouldn't look with so much enthusiasm for ambiguity.

At lunch on terrace outside the Bar and Grill three of sit  with our drinks and edge closer in a triangle of warmth which shrinks as the sun moves behind the cornice the building above us.


Roderick Robinson said...

People who depend on adjectives lay themselves open to ambiguity. One is entitled to apply a strict reading of "professional" in this case and something says you're not going to get the law, medicine or the church, even if any of those were a copper-bottom guarantee of acceptability. Thus you're down into the second if not the third division. The latter includes journalists (hence the fourth estate) and much will hinge on whether you're the sort of person who wakes at 2 am and resents hearing bottles being disposed of. As to "house trained", that's pure delusion. Plus the irritating question: should it carry a hyphen?

Unknown said...

It's the linking of "professional" and "woman" which raises questions, and stretches ambiguity into the absurd. Profession? Woman.