Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wagtails, home, hedges and walls

Pied wagtail on lawn at Burrswood.

Dearest is home. Despite warnings that she would be weak and rather tired for a few weeks, she is already proving unexpectedly energetic and if not swooping like a pied wagtail, busying herself around the house despite very severe restrictions on most physical aspects of housework. We have a new GP who came to visit us, a favour never conferred by his predecessor.

Our hedge now reduced in height still presents a problem but a manageable one. It occurs to me as I tend it that hedges in common with walls may serve as barriers; but whereas walls collect only graffiti, hedges attract birds and insects and allow for the passage of life from one side to the other.


Tom said...

Joe, it isn't for me to offer advice, especially as I haven't been asked for any. I would say however that when I had abdominal surgery, it was about six months before I recovered 'completely'. Admittedly I had 'flu and shingles during that six months, but my immune system was down. Of course Dearest is pleased to be home, and wanting to get stuck in again. But, please, have a care.

That is one fabulous picture of a wagtail.

CC said...

Lovely Wagtail.

Wishing your Dearest a fine recovery.

Enjoying your comments re walls and hedges.

Lucy said...

Tom's right, but so glad to hear she's home and happy, I'm sure she'll do what she needs (or rather not do what she needn't!)

Your bird pics are getting very impressive.

Unknown said...

Thank you all. My problem is that I tend too often to accentuate the positive at the expense of a more balanced account. In fact Heidi and I are aware for the need for a slow and temperate recovery. Your words of caution Tom and Lucy are appreciated.