Saturday, February 13, 2010

climbing, heart, shopping

Posted by Picasa A mobile climbing wall set up on the corner of Frant Road and Warwick Road is offering the chance of a sponsored charity venture.

A new  fantasy incentive, in the window of Peter Speaight, the butcher in Caple Place, consists of a raw ox-heart centre stage bearing the almost predicatble words, Valentine Heart.

Outside a dress shop in Mount Pleasant is a woman holding two Highland Terriers on leads. She is attracted to some clothes displayed in the window, the dogs, meawhile, are equally, if not more, fascinated by their reflections in the glass.


Lucy said...

I love the idea of the raw Valentine heart, what a wonderful coda to your post about the glum couples and the carnal leer!

Roderick Robinson said...

I've never tried one of these climbing walls. The one on the left appears to be using the rope as a handhold, or she could just be in extremis. The one on the right doesn't appear to have a top rope and is hence "leading". It is a primary rule of rock-climbing: Leader's don't (or mustn't) fall.