Thursday, October 06, 2011

classic strong smoke

Posted by Picasa Cat in Sitges.

"Very interesting, Joe," says Tim the dentist as  he introduces mysterious objects into my mouth accompanied by blue flashes. He is reinforcing the back of a row of teeth  with a  sort of fibre glass brace, something new to dentistry it seems. "It's very strong; it's welded  with resin, "he says, adding to Trace, the dental nurse, " I should start teaching this." He is normally a man of few words from which I deduce that he is pleased with his work and his mastery of the technique. Meanwhile I can't wait to sink my teeth into something, anything.

The bus driver waiting outside his bus, has a cigarette between thumb and forefinger. It is a style of smoking I recall from earlier times, when a quick puff was often  followed by a fanning action of the free hand and the concealment of the offending fag behind the back with the other. For some reason the phrase " a cunning Woodbine" comes to mind, the reference being to a brand of small, inexpensive cigarette then in vogue among the indigent.

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