Monday, October 17, 2011

sails onions polysyllabic

Posted by Picasa Red sails at Sitges

When, several years ago,  I wrote about Roscoff onions which we were able to buy from Sainsbury's at the time, I was surprised and delighted to find that someone else knew of this delectable allium from Brittany.  My correspondent was Lucy Kempton who  has subsequently became a dear friend and collaborator in several ventures including  the exchange of poems to be found on our joint  blog, called Compasses. Yesterday, over here from Brittany, Lucy visits us and brings among other goodies from Brittany a bag of Roscoff onions from her local market. Time has made a neat circle and the onions are back in Now's the Time.

When tweeting I find myself using polysyllabic words, an added challenge to  what and how to communicate in 140 characters.


Lucas said...

Ecxellent picture

Roderick Robinson said...

Not roses, not freesias (which I discover I have been misspelling for several years), not carnations, not even orchids - but onions! A sign of two minds in step. And, the better the day the better the deed (Courtesy, Grannie Bonden) - with Spem in Alium on the turntable

Have you ever considered writing alternate lines in Compasses?

Lucy said...

Roscoff onions, the gesture of affection that won't bring a tear to the eye...

Hope you enjoy them!