Sunday, October 30, 2011

crow parsley wet

Posted by Picasa  The crow whom I call Mr Crow patrols The Grove today. I always imagine that he believes that the park belongs to him, particularly when he has this expression on his face.

For years I have tried to grow parsley in a parsley pot,  an earthenware pot tapering towards the top, with holes in it through which the plants are trained. This year for the first time it has worked, a flourish of fronds,  a green halo.

Today the leaves in The Grove are wet and exude Autumn smells, mushroomy and a little decadent. A gardening programme on BBC 1 recommends stuffing refuse bags with dead leaves and keeping them moist to make your own leaf mould.


The Crow said...
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The Crow said...

I suspect Mr. Crow hears the music of the Major-General's Song as he struts along.

You've caught in your image one of the things I like most about crows: their unintentional pomposity in the way they walk. Makes me chuckle every time I see it.

(Sorry about the first post. Don't know what went wrong with it.)

CC said...

I do love an arrogant Crow. Also fond of Ravens. Always look forward to your photos
and especially like the birds and cats.

bihter sabanoglu said...

it would have been spectacular if the user named "The Crow" had commented in behalf of Mr.Crow. Then i would have commented under the nickname "Mr. Crow" and ask who that imposter was.