Wednesday, October 19, 2011

towel circles tidy-up

Posted by Picasa Towel scape. The beach towel provided by Hotel, San Sebastian Plays spread over our balcony wall.  The sea sparkles beyond it.  Our holiday is already fading quickly kept alive only be photographs.

We all move in circles most of the time. Today, during a short walk to the local cashpoint, we meet the same people twice, then again. The people in question happen to  be Nick Law and Alec Law, the latter sitting up in his pram. The third time round they are accompanied by Clare Law who has been at the hairdressers.  Clare is of course the Clare who is the author of Three Beautiful Things, the inspiration of  this blog and I believe of many others which have adopted a similar formula.

Wires are one of the  less comfortable side effects of electronics. Today I rearrange my telephone, desk lamp and computer and loudspeakers in order to minimise the tangle and have everything in reach.  Soon all will be wire-less. For the time being, I play Erik Satie's Gnossienne No 5 to crown this small achievement.


Roderick Robinson said...

Soon you'll be so supremely well organised you'll be unrecognisable. To pick a single Gnossienne shows a very precise mind. Me, I fear I play the lot (otherwise the effort of picking the CD, opening the jewel case, selecting the track, listening to the music, returning the CD to the jewel case, etc, etc, becomes discouraging). I'm sure there's one of those arguments that supports my approach ("Satie would have liked it this way.") a bit like the one that's trotted out when the Waldstein is played on a fortepiano ("If Beethoven could have got his hands on a Steinway..."). However I suspect you're right to play them as singletons. Any composer who can instruct the pianist to "Play as if a bear is looking over your shoulder." doesn't require stage management by a listener.

Unknown said...

There's something called Blue Rocket MP3 downloader, which gives me individual pieces of music to call on when I want them. So there is no need for me to pull out a CD and pick the Gnossienne or Gymnopaedia that appeals at the moment, since they are presented as separate items. Until I discovered this facility I could not distinguish between one Gnossienne or Gymnopeadia and the rest. Like you I listened to one after the other and allowed them to flow. I sense there is a bear looking over my shoulder.