Wednesday, October 05, 2011

pun cheerfulness eccentric

Posted by PicasaNever being able to resist a pun I have to snap this lost sole by the wayside.

We have  as an acquaintance a lady of 80 or so who is always smartly dressed and still manages to be pretty. She is invariably cheerful despite debilitating illnesses which afflict both her and her husband. Today we see her coming towards us with two walking sticks shakier and slower than ever. She has added to her troubles by breaking a hip, which explains why we haven't seen her for some time.  "I don't like being cooped up, she says. Henry (that's her husband) is a good-time boy: he's got everything wrong with him." Not good news but there is a still a hint of laughter in her voice and you feel that a bright, attractive young woman, is still lurking somewhere within. Above all cheerfulness persists despite her problems.

A good laugh at the Compasses. Spud Taylor keeps us entertained with a flow of surreal humour. After he has left, someone says: "I saw him in a pub one evening. He  was wearing a dinner jacket and and a black tie on top and football shorts and wellies below. I said you can't come to a pub dressed like that. He said, yes I can, I'm wearing fancy dress. He's been married twice but not at the moment."


CC said...

Wish I'd taken a picture, of a genuine silvered fork caught in the tarmac of small road nearby.

Used to take visitors to view that fork in the road. Then someone paved over it, ruining all my fun.

Roderick Robinson said...

As you know I enjoy writing about women and it's a compulsion that's growing. Clare was 41, Jana 38, but Judith Silvester (of Blest Redeemer) is either 51 or 52, I haven't quite decided. Your adaptation of the fat-man epigram has stirred an idea which I find resonant since inside my 76-year-old hulk there are several BBs of differing ages, one as young as 15. Thus - two parallel plots involving the same woman at widely separate ages. Perhaps your octagenarian would like to advise on which two ages might, in comparison, afford the greatest source of fun.

Unknown said...

Perhaps it's now a major road, CC.

BB I'll ask her when I see her on seconds thoughts it might come better from you as there is a hint of the Ridings in her voice.