Monday, October 10, 2011

stick sweet postmen

Posted by Picasa Shadow with walking stick and substance.

The sweet peas which I planted in the spring are in abundant flower this morning. Sweet peas in October! Word is going round that heavy snow is expected before the end of the month.We are in for a bitterly cold winter. One person says it and then another and another. Soon it becomes a fact. There will be heavy snow before the beginning of November. No doubt about it.

So that they may deliver the post, postmen in Tunbridge Wells are  themselves delivered in a large red Post Office van . The van disgorges them at strategic points in the town, together with their presorted mail, which they deliver on foot. Their rounds completed they wait beside the road for the van to pick  them up again. Today, as we sit outside the Bar and Grill in The High Street, a van passes us, full of postmen.

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