Tuesday, October 11, 2011

unexpected tweeting apples

Posted by Picasa  Much as I love the sea, I know very little about ships. It is not often that you see a square rigged vessel in waters normally associated with leisure sailing. This arrived one day and moored for a while off Playa San Sebastian. What would you call it? A two-masted schooner? A pretty thing whether or not you are a sailor.

Today I  feel an urge to tweet. Or twit? So over to Twitter where I post some thoughts and observations as they come into my head. Satisfying even if no one is listening or looking. I use the name Coqlicot which is how the French pronounce coquelicot meaning poppy.

"Would you like some apples?" Says a neighbour. I reluctantly decline. Apples are plentiful this year and we have bowls and trays of  them at the moment.  But I sympathise. It has been a summer of gluts and the trouble of cultivating beans and lettuces and the like is nowhere as hard as finding a home where they can be put to good use. 

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