Sunday, October 23, 2011

walkies chill diet

Posted by Picasa On the beach at Sitges. The last of the summer wine.

A regular feature in the Saturday edition of The Financial Times is an interview with a well known person under the banner Lunch with the FT. I don't always read the interview, but I never miss the panel containing the lunch menu. What saddens me nowadays is the sobriety of the meal. Wine rarely features. A puritan frugality seems to be the order of the day where alcohol is concerned.  Lunch in my lunching day was rarely anything but over the top. Saturday's FT excelled itself in demonstrating this new puritanism. The subject of the interview was one, Millar S Dexter, who owns a "preppy" clothing chain called Crew. To accompany their meatballs at Paulino's in New York, he and his interlocutor drank Diet Coke and Peligrino. The meal was followed by two cappuccinos. Cheers.

I read but I do not write novels. Sometimes, though, the title of a novel  waiting to be written  comes to me even though I haven't a clue what it would contain. Today's inspiration is Wind Chill Factor. Aspirant or accomplished novelists are welcome to have their way it.

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CC said...

Great photo...along with its caption and title.

Your lunch remarks reminded me of Keith Hann, (another favorite blogger)
also known to wax nostalgic about the demise of well lubricated business lunches.