Friday, October 21, 2011

web bamboo resoles

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Every year at this time, there is the pleasurable chore of taking down the bamboo pole structure on which I grow climbing beans. In recent years I have become tidier and more disciplined. Now I tie the 8ft poles into bundles of 12, so that I can stack them neatly in a sheltered place. The beans plants look  straggly and begin to turn brown. The beans themselves have become pods many of which are dry meaning that beans can be de-podded and saved in envelopes for sowing next year. A pleasurable job but not a patch on erecting the structure at the end of May ready for a new crop.

What shall I put in this evening's soup? In a few minutes it will be time to make a stock with the remains of a leg of lamb.  The stock will be fragrant with celery and mint. For the soup there will be home-grown tomatoes for certain, a few beans, some finely sliced, very small  courgettes, late but not yet attacked by the frost. And probably some little cubes of the last bits of neat  from the leg.

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Lucy said...

The very same leg of lamb?