Friday, October 14, 2011

hopeful looking treasure

Posted by Picasa In last rays of  the evening sun, a hopeful rose.

A pigeon is on the parapet of the house opposite this morning.  It is one I often see. It  looks over the edge, tilting its head to left or right, looking for something to eat. 

Almost anything I uncover when turning over the soil in the vegetable garden seems to have an archaeological value: a chip of blue china, the perforated lid of some kind of dispenser (Bill at The Compasses says  later that it could be the filter from an old gas mask); a bent and rusted piece of metal; a fragment of the serrated edge of a saw blade. Deterioration and corruption seem in a perverse way to add value, but the value is only for me. I assemble a small collection.

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herhimnbryn said...

I understand the 'value' of broken things. I collect them too. They have a tattered beauty don't they? I wonder about their histories. I often put some of what I find into my mosaics.

I thing the Japanese theory of wabi-sabi would apply too.