Monday, March 07, 2011

blackbird, catkins, no parking

Posted by PicasaI am thinking about blackbirds this afternoon. So far this year, though I  have seen many, male and,, like this one in The Grove, female, I haven't heard one singing. Alarm calls there have been in plenty, but that full throated territorial song has yet to announce Spring. I took this photograph a few days ago failing, in the process to catch the male who was hopping around nearby. This afternoon, a male settles on a post just a few feet in front of me. He puts it head on on one side, to say hello, I think. I manage to click my camera at waist height so as not to worry him and hope that he is in focus, but  he proves camera shy when I lift it higher, and flies off.

Masses of catkins have fallen on to the road under what I take to be a hazel tree. They look like giant, furry caterpillars.

A gate beside a house in Christ Church Avenue, a private road near The Grove, bears a plaque with the words:"Prier de ne pas stationner. Sortie de voitures." There is no English translation.


CC said...

My French is truly abominable, but I take it to mean something like, Don't stop (park?) here. Cars coming in and out.
What do you think?

Besides my French being truly abominable?


Unknown said...

More or less right, CC. Having English as a first language limits the value of knowing foreign languages. That goes, I suspect for a number of people who live in Tunbridge Wells, who might therefore be foregiven for parking in front of that gate.