Tuesday, March 08, 2011

hands, glow, chocolate

Posted by PicasaHands at work and play.

This morning the grass  is silver with frost and over the sloping gardens there is a layer of mist glowing in the sun.

Dave, who has at one time or another painted the walls and ceilings of all the rooms in our house, calls to day to discuss another decorating job. In the cab of his van is his new dog, a six month old Labrador puppy. We are introduced. "Chocolate", I say, because he is precisely the colour of a bar of plain chocolate. "He's a Chocolate Labrador," says Dave, as if confirming my reaction. I have to admit the breed of Labrador is new to me, but there can be no doubt about why it is described as chocolate.

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CC said...

Chocolate and all Labs are wonderful dogs. LikeGolden Retrievers they are like big kids when they grow up. Affectionate and protective but they are big and need room to run. Never owned one, but friends have.