Friday, March 18, 2011

veins, rural, dragon

Posted by PicasaThe veins  in the petal confirm that this camellia is real.

As I walk through a rural part of  Tunbridge Wells I notice that the blackbirds are less nervous than on our hillside where cats abound and children shout merrily. The birds cock their heads at me, but do not fly off uttering their trilling alarm call.

"Looks like a dragon," says the woman at the check out in Sainsbury's holding up my large root of ginger. "You must like ginger." She is wearing a red  plastic nose for Red Nose Day. She has to remove the nose in order to sneeze.


The Crow said...

What is Red Nose Day, Plutarch?

Unknown said...

It's a day devoted to raising money for various charities by mean of comedy antics. People involved wear red nose like circus clowns and dream up jokes of different kinds. It features on BBC television where an evening is devoted to comedy sketches interspersed with visit to slums in African and elsewhere, by the stars who have helped raise the money. Supported by the BBC and the media in general it raises a vast amounts of money for good causes. It been going for 20 or more years. A curiously British institution combing our love of rumbustious fun with a deeply suppressed and often forgotten capacity for kindness.