Tuesday, March 15, 2011

spring, chillis, chips

Posted by Picasa A few days ago they were in bud. Now today's warm sunshine has opened the buds. They are dwarf daffodils. More like wild ones perhaps. They were planted only a couple of years ago.  Never has The Grove looked better in the Spring. (Click to see whole picture).

Some one has dropped a green chili on the pavement and few paces on another one. Some creature has nibbled one of them, leaving only the tattered shred of a pod. But what I wonder eats chili, other  of  course   than homo sapiens?

Outside the Down Town Fish Bar opposite The Compasses, a fire engine comes to a halt and parks by the curb. Two firemen descend and enter the shop. We should have know. There is no one to rescue; no fire to put out. The firemen emerge white packages in their arms. It is time for lunch.


Unknown said...

absolutely lovely!

CC said...

Thanks so much for the daffodils.
Spring is badly needed this year.