Wednesday, March 23, 2011

frieze, hawthorn, incense

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Pigeons grazing in Calverley Ground. (Click for full picture).

From the train we see  a long hedge composed entirely of mature hawthorn trees stretching out beside a field in the sun.

Back after a long winter, we sit in the sun opposite the sea outside the restaurant called Pasta Pasta in St Leonards-on-Sea.|We telephone, Manina, the owner,  from the train as usual and ask her to reserve our favourite table for us. "Right on time," she says  when we arrive.  "How do you manage it?"Before we leave a smell drifts across from the house next door. It is vaguely familiar but neither of us can quite place it. "It's incense," Manina says. "They burn it sometimes."

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CC said...

I'm quite fond of Pigeons. Your photo is so peaceful. I have an idea for a book with Pigeons that I should get back to.....before
the publishers disappear.