Sunday, March 27, 2011

two, bumpers, doll

Pins. Artifacts  for holding thing together which go a long way back in human history and  which have changed little over the millennia.

To relieve monotony I sometimes speculate about breaking loose from conventional behaviour, doing something outrageous. In Sainsbury's this morning I think that it might be amusing to treat my trolley as a bumper car and crash into other trolleys in the sort of carefree spirit which prevails with bumper cars in funfairs. After a few minutes my trolley left on it own for a minute, on a slight slope and perhaps prompted by an inadvertent push takes off on its own and gently slides towards an oncoming trolley pushed by a portly gentleman. Bang. I apologise and he smiles in a good natured way. No trolley rage, fortunately.But then he didn't know what had been going on in my mind a few minutes earlier.

In the children's playground a father with a doll in one hand and a mobile phone in the other practices multi-tasking.

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CC said...

Hmmmm. Think its time to take away your
trolley license and let some one else drive?