Tuesday, March 01, 2011

railings,contemporaries, rarebit

Posted by PicasaWhat appeals is the sturdiness of these railings and the gnawing habit of  the rust that seeks to undo them.

I enjoy the company of  people of my own age at a clinic which I attend once a year. Conversation is less inhibited than with younger people.  You can talk freely about the slippery pavements in the snow, the chill wind that still persists, the dire state of the town centre. I listen sympathetically to a man who enjoys  caravan holidays, and help an elder lady up the steps into the van where the clinic operates, which makes me feel quite debonair.

If there is one thing I like it is welsh rarebit. I like toasted cheese, but welsh rarebit has the edge in luxury. My current favourite recipe is to mix grated cheddar cheese, with cream cheese, some mustard and Worcester sauce of course, which is then spread  on the untoasted side of slices of bread, toasted on the other side, before being returned to the grill. Yes, pizza is alright too.


marja-leena said...

As you know, I love these kinds of images of weathering and rusting objects.

I used to think welsh rarebit was rabbit when I'd read of it. I admit I've never had this and should try it.

Lucy said...

You ARE debonair!