Tuesday, March 29, 2011

grazing, territory, chain

Goose grazing in Groombridge.

When you walk though The Grove every day as I do you tend to notice certain birds occupying particular territories. In the corner near the entrance to Sutherland Road there is nearly always a male of female blackbird looking for interesting things in  the grass. Sometimes both are there.

As a child I never saw the point of daisy chains. Girls made them anyway. So they were not for me. But this afternoon I do enjoy the sight of a particularly well made daisy chain, the flowers still fresh, hung along the railing in front of  a neighbouring house. That the house is occupied by a family with a number of little girls is neither here nor there. It is simply a question of responding to a creative act and the pleasure it gives. A black board by the front door has chalked on it the words "Hello sunshine"!

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CC said...

Love your alliterative goose photo.