Tuesday, October 18, 2011

honey vase diplomacy

A bumble bee collapses on our doorstep. Give it some honey someone says. We watch it feast and revive.

On the garden table a vase of cut flowers seems out of place but cheers in an unexpectedly chill wind as coals might in a grate indoors.

 In the village of Hawkurst, where there is a small cinema., we are having difficulty in finding somewhere  to park.  In a cul-de-sac some people stare apprehensively at my friend Peter who is driving.  All the parking places belong to  the houses in the small road. We are about to go and the couple who  are loading a car continue to watch us with suspicion. As he backs the car, Peter lowers the window and says " I saw you were worried, we're not going to park. It's obviously a problem here."  The woman smiles meaning"it is" but says, "Have you tried the car park." Full," we say. "We're off to the cinema," says Peter. "Look," says the woman, " park over there,"pointing to a space over which she has parking rights. Peter offers her and the man with her a sweet as we leave to underline our appreciation of an act of kindness.


The Crow said...

Because of your act of kindness toward the honeybee, perhaps it will live long enough to pass on its knowledge to its hivemates. Don't be too surprised, therefore, if several more bees come to visit, looking for the red spoon of sweetness!

I find your kindness to our apian friends very touching.

The Crow said...

PS: I like your new page, too, but am glad you kept your two-ants-on-a-journey masthead.

Lucas said...

I think the new format is working well. Kindness to bees - much needed.